Our Technology Consulting Service Phases

Polnetx Free Initial Consultation

1. Initial Consultation

  • How can we help you?

  • Set Expectations

  • Solution Opportunities

  • Delivery Approach

  • Decision to Hire

Request a Free Technology Consultation

Polnetx Consulting

2. Technology Assessment

  • Current Technology State

  • Technology SWOT Analysis

  • Interview & Questionnaire

  • Evaluation and Research

  • Technology Issues & Opportunities

Polnetx Consulting

Polnetx Consulting

Polnetx Consulting

3. Review & Planning

  • Review Technology SWOT Analysis

  • Technology and Business Alignment

  • Innovation and Vision

  • Automation & Scalability

  • Technology Roadmap

Polnetx Consulting

4. Technology Solution

  • Finalize Deliverables

  • Design Solution

  • Client Consultation

  • Development

  • Optimization

Polnetx Consulting

Polnetx Consulting

Polnetx Consulting

5. Implementation

  • Approval

  • Integration

  • Testing

  • Validation

  • Sign Off

  • Feedback


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TechnologyRisk Free Consultation Initial Consultation Technology Assessment Review & Planning Technology Solution Implementation Request a Free Technology Consultation

Why choose us?

We are passionate

We are passionate

We are passionate what we do to help our customers who share the same passionate for their business to transfer it online.

Professional, Creative and Unique

Professional, Creative and Unique

We are professional, creative and unique to tailor your specific business and marketing needs. Every business online is as unique as your business is.

High Quality and Innovative

High Quality and Innovative

We focus on high quality of our services and we always strive to improve through innovation. We listen to your feedback so you get desired results.